TikTok facing more scrutiny for security issues.

TikTok facing more scrutiny for security issues.

The firm which is engaged in the research of Cybersecurity known as the Check Point Research has said that it has discovered a lot of the vulnerabilities in TikTok which is an app that lets sharing of videos and has demonstrated their insecurity as the scrutiny for the company that has ownership in China has been growing continuously.

Check Point has found that it is possible to spoof the text messages and make them appear to be coming from TikTok. In case the user has clicked the fake link, the hacker is going to get access to the TikTok accounts and include the deleting and uploading of the videos and changing the settings on these existing videos from private to public or vice-versa.

It was also revealed that the infrastructure of the app would have made allowance for a hacker to redirect a user who has been hacked to a website which looks uncannily similar to the homepage of TikTok. This might have been combined with the scripting cross-site and the attacks in other ways on the accounts of the users.

Sending the links and more secure information in the form of SMS is a security concern which is known widely and a major method for the cybercriminals who are wanting to get access to the phones of the users. In the year 2014, the office of the information commissioner had fined a promoter of the concert over $100,000 for the sending of text message to the people who had gone to the concert which looked like it had come from their mother. Thera are other proofs of how the hackers may have been able to get around Yahoo and Gmail’s authentication through these SMS codes.

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