FBI Assists Companies With Data Preservation By Misleading Hackers

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is considering a completely different approach to curb the data breach, as it is one of the leading damage-causing incidences for several industries and firms. The law enforcement agency lures hackers to breach the security systems and extract wrong data. The tech news and opinions-covering website Ars Technica has specified an FBI program, Illicit Data Loss Exploitation (IDLE). The program lets companies generate “decoy data” to misdirect infringers trying to filch important information.

The FBI has not revealed in-depth how the IDLE program works. However, a spokesperson from the agency informed Ars Technica that it combines valuable information within existing files loaded with data structures to make it appear genuine. Expecting the bulk files could be holding significant and valuable information regarding a company, a hacker grabs the decoy data. By the time, the company’s IT staff receives a warning about data breach attempt. The FBI supports companies in creating bogus data based on genuine information. FBI has specified that this program is not 100% secure, as an intelligent hacker might analyze and extract the authentic data from the decoyed files.

On a related note, personal details including names, contact numbers, and user IDs of more than 267 Million Facebook users were exposed, based on a report from security researcher Bob Diachenko and a pro-consumer website Comparitech. The database, in which the information was preserved, could be accessed without any authentication, and the investigating team believed it was raised as Facebook API abuse or part of an illicit scraping operation.

Diachenko reported that Facebook’s IP server managing team was handling the exposed data. It has been two weeks since the data was exposed and after that, the data was published as a “download” in one of the hacker forums.

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