Fearful Of What Trump Is Not Attacking Iran?

A drone strike occurred outside Baghdad Airport in the early hours of 3 January. Initial media reports did not see it being linked to any major action. But when the truth came out that one of Iran’s top commanders among the dead was Qasim Sulaimani, he intensified the discussions throughout the Middle East.

After this, US President Donald Trump made it clear by tweeting that Qasim Sulemani has been killed in the US action, which the US considered ‘militant’. In this action, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the commander of the Iran-backed militia Qaitib Hezbollah, was also killed.

Fearful Of What Trump Is Not Attacking Iran

Sulaimani was the head of Iran’s Al-Quds Force. This security force of Iran is known for its actions outside the country. The United States declared it a terrorist organization.

After this action, tensions in Iran and America reached their peak and they have carried out several missile attacks on the US military base in Iraq, but no American soldiers have been killed in these attacks so far.

After the missile attacks, America did not take any retaliation. America’s non-action was seen to be linked to many things, the biggest reason of these being told the general elections to be held this year.

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