Mysterious Virus Spread In Many Cities Of China, Number Of Victims Also Increased

Chinese officials say that 139 new cases of mysterious viruses have been reported. All these cases are known within two days.

These new cases of coronavirus have been found in Wuhan city, Beijing, and Shenzhen of China. With this, the number of people affected by this virus in China has crossed 200.

So far, three deaths due to breathing-related diseases have also been confirmed.

Experts in Britain had told the BBC that the number of affected people could be much higher than what the Chinese officials are telling.


The World Health Organization says that the outbreak of this virus seems to be increasing more because it is being investigated on a large scale.

Mysterious Virus Spread In Many Cities Of China

This new coronavirus was first caught in December. But now it has crossed the border of China and reached other countries as well.

Talking about the latest cases, two cases have come up in Thailand and one in Japan. A sample of this virus taken from patients has been examined in the laboratory. After this, Chinese officials and the World Health Organization said that it is a coronavirus.

There are many types of coronaviruses, but only six of them were known to infect people. But after the detection of new virus, this number will increase to seven.

Analysis of the genetic code of the new virus suggests that it is more proximal to ‘SARS’ than other coronaviruses that have the ability to infect humans. A coronavirus called SARS is considered very dangerous. In 2002, 8,098 people were infected in China due to SARS and 774 of them died.

Officials in China’s Wuhan city say that 136 new cases have been confirmed over the weekend. At the same time, the death of another person from virus infection has also been confirmed. With this, the death toll has increased to three. On Sunday late evening, officials told that 170 people are undergoing treatment in Wuhan city, out of which nine were told that their condition remains critical.

At the same time, authorities in Shenzhen have reported that the symptoms of the virus have been found in a 66-year-old man. The reason behind this is believed that this person had gone to Wuhan city to meet his relatives a few days ago.

China’s National Health Commission had earlier said that the virus can still be controlled.
How serious is this?

Commonly infected people due to coronavirus show signs of colds, but if the effect is severe, then death can also occur.

Professor Mark Woolhouse of the University of Edinburgh says, “When we saw this new coronavirus, we tried to know why its effect is so dangerous. It is not going to show symptoms like the common cold, which is a matter of concern.”

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