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Robert Baird
Sr. Content Specialist

Robert  has pursued Computer Engineering and is a senior content specialist at our portal. He is associated with us for the past 7 Years. He manages technology-related blogs, reviews, newsletters, and articles. Robert  is a complete techie person and is interested in new innovations and understanding vital concepts behind them. Robert  has built a versatile team that covers widely searched topics such as AI (artificial intelligence), robotics, machine learning, IoT (Internet of Things), cryptocurrency, and blockchain system for the portal.

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Charlotte Brewer
Sr. Content Writer

Charlotte  has pursued Masters in Business Administration in International Business from one of the top universities across the country. Earlier, she was working with one of the leading multinational companies and presently, she works as senior writer for our site. Charlotte  overlooks the business domain and writes blogs, articles, and newsletters. She is associated with us from the last 5 Years and covers the latest business deals, mergers, acquisitions, earnings, and GDP outlook of major players worldwide. Charlotte  has gained experience in this industry and is expert in enlightening about revenue management, financial strategies, analysis, operations, and entrepreneurship.

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Walter Pereyra
Contributing Author

Walter has studied the Masters in Physics and Astronomy and is presently a chief contributor to our site. He is connected with our portal from the past 6 Years and manages content related to outer space, astronomy, discoveries, space agencies’ operations, and outlook. He has a proven track record and has won a number of honors in this industry for his multitalented writing. Walter also guides articles on environmental issues and marine life that comprise of existing climate problems and steps to tackle them. Walter is passionate to learn something new every day that will help him and clients with their requirements.

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Phone: +1 207-601-5528

Juanita Coady

Getting amazed by the mysteries of the world and the enthusiasm to know more about it, Juanita got into the world of writing. She deals with writing everything relating to the latest trends that comprises several updates, launches, research, liftoff schedules, and much more. Juanita, in free time, makes videos elucidating the mysterious recent stuff and goes around museums specifically dedicated to work and presents her experience via a personal blog.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 207-424-3104

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