Sun Shows A New Kind Of Magnetic Explosion On Its Surface

Recently, a team of astronomers has noticed a magnetic explosion take place on the surface of the Sun and it was something that was never observed before. The event had been penciled down around 15 Years back and it is now that it has been spotted for the first time using NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. The eruption on the Sun’s surface clearly visible as a loop of material could be seen thrown into the Sun’s corona that is the upper atmosphere. The erupting materials have been termed as prominence. The prominence was found to fling back into the Sun and also to disrupt with the lines of the magnetic field. This event was found to create an unpredictable magnetic explosion.

The explosion occurs as the lines of magnetic field snap & realign and this behavior is called magnetic reconnection. It is for the first time that the astronomers have been able to spot the reconnection between an eruption and a magnetic field. The scientists are definitely going to learn from this phenomenon as they can better understand the Sun’s atmosphere and its unpredictable space weather. The eruption causes the plasma or active gases to be run into the magnetic fields and this forces them to reconnect. The astronomers had been able to study the reconnection earlier between the Earth and Sun. The weak electrical current in the plasma can trigger spontaneous reconnection but now it has been found that the invisible magnetic field lines could be impacted by the super-heated charged particles of plasma. The Solar Dynamics Observatory could study the plasma that had reached 1.8 to 3.6 million degrees Fahrenheit. The Sun’s corona and its extreme temperature compared to the Sun itself are being studied from a long time and NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is trying its level best to orbit the Sun closer and unravel some stunning facts.

Likewise, China has recently announced that it is ready to operate its artificial sun, which will be repeatedly carrying out nuclear fusion just like the ones taking place on our bright star. The construction is expected to end by 2019 and will start working by 2020. If the project turns successful then nuclear fusion could become a viable optional for energy production on Earth.

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