Turkey And Russia Collaborate On The Black Sea Pipeline

Leaders in Russia and Turkey on this Wednesday have launched a gas pipeline in the Black Sea which is going to funnel the natural gas of Russia from Turkey to reach Europe and further cement the ties which exist between these two nations as against the backdrop of the tensions which have been heightened between Iran and United States.

Vladmir Putin and the counterpart from Turkey Recep Erdogan had in Istanbul inaugurated this pipeline known as the Turkish Stream. The pipeline stretches 930 km from the Russian Black Sea town of Anapa till Kiyikoy in Istanbul.

Turkey and Russia collaborate on the Black Sea pipeline

The pipeline is going to carry the Russian gas for the domestic consumption of Turkey while the second leg has been scheduled for construction and is going to carry the Russian gas to the countries like Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria.

This stream is going to enable Russia to get an entry into Europe for selling gas bypassing Ukraine and is also going to bolster Turkey as a major hub for energy transportation. This project is also going to mark one more area of cooperation between the two countries that have been collaborating in the field of defense earlier.

Putin had arrived in the city of Istanbul from his visit in Syria which had been a major point of discussion between these two countries before they completed the formalities of the ceremony.

Just hours after the landing of Putin in Turkey, Iran carried out its operation attacking the airbases in Iraq to target the troops of United States who had been stationed there in a retaliatory move to the one which had been conducted by United States last week.

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