UAW Settles With Detroit 3 By Accepting Labor Deal Offered By Fiat

The extreme rivalry between the labor union UAW and Detroit 3 automakers have ended up this week with the most recent four-year agreement with Fiat Chrysler. Among the three Detroit automakers, Fiat Chrysler was the last to close the deal. The approval is the result of an unprecedented round of discussions that comprised a 40-day strike against GM, which is the longest strike conducted by UAW in the nation in decades. Besides this, the union president had to resign amid ongoing federal investigations.

During the discussion phase, GM filed a lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler over planned merger and suspected illicit bargaining practices with French automaker PSA Group. In general, UAW agreed to the majority of the contract conditions set by the three automakers. The workers succeeded in securing $18.2 Billion in retention or creation of 25,400 US jobs and new investments in production units. A few production units are going to be shut down.

UAW stated that 71% of its members supported the deal set by Fiat Chrysler. While the previous deals with Ford and GM received support from 56% and 57% members, respectively.

On a similar note, automaker Ford Motor Company and tech giant Microsoft have publicized their existing partnership to curb the problem of rising traffic on roads. Ford mentions that many drivers use GPS technology to opt for an appropriate route around traffic-congested areas. The matter is that the recent navigation systems are directing drivers toward specific routes irrespective of other routes that some drivers are considering to follow.

The major challenge being faced by Ford and Microsoft is the need for massive computational power for handling this project. Conventional computers are not able to gather such type of power. Therefore, both the companies have thought of employing quantum computing, but the technology isn’t yet emerged properly.

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