United States Economy Rides Off The Fourth Quarter Scare, Expected To Post Good Numbers

The economy of the United States seems to have dismissed the traditional growth scare which appears usually in the fourth quarter as the economy is looking like it is going to end the last decade with a solid quarter which will show a good amount of rise.

Trade and Manufacturing reports on Tuesday had confirmed that the GDP is on course of rising over 2% for this period. There is an estimate that the gain of 2.3% is going to be seen which would mean that it is going to be better than the 2.1% which it had registered in the third quarter and would mean that the average gain in a quarter is going to be close to 2.4%.

United States Economy Rides Off The Fourth Quarter Scare

That though would be a slowdown from the rate which was 2.9% in the year 2018 but would still indicate that the expansion is still happening and is primed to be continuing through to the year 2020.

There are reports which say that the trade deficit for the United States has narrowed to their lowest levels in the last three years which is thanks to the continuous slowdown in the imports and the exports expanding. In addition to this there is a manufacturing contraction that has not gone on to spread to the services component in the economy of United States.

The Wall Street had in 2019 been bracing itself for a recession which was said to be looming on the worries over the trade war between China and United States and the growth around the world being and the reliable historical signs which showed that the bond markets had seen the decline of the price in the economy in future.

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