Vehicle Roadside Assistance Market – US$ 38.5 Bn Value Anticipated To Reach By 2028


Zion Market Research has recently predicted that the worldwide car roadside assistance market will increase at a CAGR of more than 3% between 2020 and 2030. Over the course of the forecast, passenger vehicle sales are predicted to expand at the fastest rate of any vehicle type.

The growth of the “Vehicle Roadside Assistance Market” is being spurred on by technological improvements in the automobile industry. The global market for automotive connectivity solutions is expanding rapidly as a result of the rising demand for these products.

Fueling the Growth of the Automotive Connectivity Market

Car connection options such as weather warnings, traffic safety alerts, and other solutions are becoming increasingly popular, which is helping to drive the expansion of the vehicle roadside assistance industry.

Autonomous vehicle safety and assistance solutions including cloud-based early risk detection and quick autonomous solutions for vehicle breakdowns are likely to rise in use as automation gains popularity with end users. Vehicles equipped with cutting-edge technology are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. This, in turn, has allowed the market to grow.

Vehicle Roadside Assistance Market

Increasing Interest in Passenger Cars

Passenger vehicles are the most cost-effective and commonly used mode of transportation, and they are anticipated to stay so in the foreseeable future.

Passenger cars have a wide range of unique properties, such as the ability to be used in a variety of ways, from daily transportation to long road trips, personal mobility and independence, medical emergencies, and more, making them popular around the world.

Furthermore, as disposable incomes rise around the world, more individuals are choosing to travel by car, fueling the market’s rapid expansion.

How will the vehicle roadside assistance market be affected by COVID-19?

The growth of the automobile roadside assistance sector has been hampered this year by the advent of a new coronavirus. Many issues have held down the market’s development, including the economic crisis, a shortage of skilled labour, a decline in consumer demand, and others.

The global automobile roadside assistance business is predicted to grow steadily over the next few years, notwithstanding the limitations imposed by COVID-19.

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By Vehicle Type, Vehicle Roadside Assistance Market Insights

Passenger vehicles are currently dominating the worldwide market because they are affordable, the most popular choice, easy to maintain, and adaptable to a variety of uses. In the next years, Zion Market Research predicts that demand for this type of vehicle will continue to rise, and this type of vehicle will continue to be the dominant mode of transportation.

It is projected that commercial vehicles will continue to hold their position as the second most popular vehicle category in the world.

Detailed analysis of the global market for vehicle roadside assistance services

Vehicle roadside assistance is currently dominated by towing services. ‘tow trucks’ are used to pull vehicles that have broken down or sustained other damage that prevents them from moving on their own.

Because this service is required by all types of vehicles, from passenger vehicles to big commercial vehicles, demand is expected to support market expansion.

The leading position in the service type sector is held by vehicle towing, which is convenient, rapid, and requires no maintenance. This position is predicted to hold during the forecast period. Repairs such as tyre repair and fuel delivery are projected to continue to be the most sought-after services.

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Insights into the Automotive Roadside Assistance Market by Type of Provider

Of all types of roadside assistance companies, the auto manufacturer market is by far the most popular. The automotive industry is projected to keep its lead in the near future as it rapidly modernises, provides fast, efficient, cost-effective, and a wide range of solutions.

These include insurance companies, independent warranty providers, and other service providers.

Vehicle Roadside Assistance Market Outlook by Region

In terms of vehicle technology and solutions, North America is among the most advanced in the world. The North American vehicle roadside assistance market need is being fueled by a growing demand for car safety and help solutions, as well as advanced automobile production facilities. At least that’s what Zion Market Research predicts for the foreseeable future.

a regional breakdown of the market for automobile roadside assistance

Currently, Europe is the second-largest market in the world. Europe’s car roadside assistance market is propelled by a number of factors, including the availability of raw materials and skilled labour. Europe is expected to remain the dominant market, while Germany will emerge as the leading country, according to Zion Research.

China, Australia, India, and other emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region are fueling market growth by increasing demand for high-tech automobiles. Growth in automotive solutions including vehicle safety, handling and connection is also expected to help the region’s development.

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the competitive landscape for roadside assistance services for motor vehicles
Car driving and safety solutions, vehicle breakdown and maintenance solutions, and more are now available through Paragon Motor Club’s broad variety of vehicle roadside support services.

A new commercial roadside assistance service for trucks, buses, vehicles, and cans has been launched by Roadside Masters in order to reach a wide range of customers.

For the first time ever, AutoVantage is offering 24-hour roadside assistance in order to reach a broader spectrum of customers.

Zion Market Research predicts that over the predicted period, global competitiveness would rise even higher.

An Expert’s Opinion
Automated solutions are becoming increasingly important in the automobile roadside assistance industry in order to take advantage of the numerous opportunities that exist there. On top of all this, the growing need for improved vehicle safety and connection has compelled market players to make investments in new technologies that improve performance without compromising safety. This will help the market grow as a whole.”

Market Research Report on the Vehicle Roadside Assistance Industry
Vehicle roadside assistance is the subject of a new analysis from Zion Market Research, which looks ahead to the years 2020–2030. Providing information on the state of the automobile roadside assistance market, demand drivers, and technological improvements is the primary goal of this report. In addition, the report focuses on the characteristics that are projected to diversify the market’s sales and significance in the future.

In the executive summary, a product definition is given, and the report continues on. The taxonomy of the car roadside assistance market is further elaborated on in the report, which then moves on to specific segments. Aside from this, the research provides a comprehensive analysis of the dynamics of the car roadside assistance industry, including the important factors that influence demand and supply as well as the opportunities, trends, and pricing analysis.

This Zion Market Research report analyses the global car roadside assistance market by vehicle type, service, provider, and geographical region. Detailed market characteristics and trends are presented in this study, as well as their impact on the worldwide automotive roadside assistance market’s long-term prospects.

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