Virgin Group to get back Control of their Mobile Brand

A few years ago, the airlines Virgin America had been lost and now it is time for the brand to say good bye to the cellular network as well. There is an announcement which was made by Sprint today that said that it is going to shut the Virgin Mobile down in the United States and beginning from the 2nd of February, the existing customers will be transferred instead to the services of Boost Mobile.

The brand is said to be going back to their original owners which is the Virgin Group who will be making a decision on whether they want to launch again a newer iteration of the mobile in the United States.

Virgin group to get back control of their mobile brand

A representative of the mobile has said that the process which had been laid out by the Justice Department for the Sprint and T-Mobile merger, Sprint is going to transfer the brands of pre-pay mobile now to Dish. For the facilitation of this move the group has agreed with Sprint for the transferring of the existing customers of the mobile services to the brand Boost before the sale to Dish takes place. After the transfer, Virgin is going to take the brand mobile under its wing for the United States. They are delighted that post the period of uncertainty that they have been through due to the merger discussions, they have the control of their brand once again. They will now be working to relaunch the brand once again but experts feel that they will weigh their options before doing so and assess the opportunities in the market before taking a final decision and also look for a potential partnership.

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