Voters Happy with Economic Conditions Says Survey

Most who are on the left had hoped that the blessing in disguise of the prolonged slump after the recession of 2008 is going to be for the discrediting of capitalism and the building of momentum for causing a dramatic change. It is just the youngest of the voters who have been staying with this idea and with a lot of the broader electorate keeping on to the positive views of the existing conditions as per a recent poll where the conditions of the economy had been rated as being very good or somewhat good by as many as 76% of the voters. The poll had been conducted in the last days of December.

Voters happy with economic conditions says survey

For the liberals, this has set up a trend which is worrisome as the country heads for an election in the year 2020. Usually, the positive attitude about economies have been good news for the presidents who are incumbent.

The one good thing about a labor market which is strong is the fact that it is creating a space in politics to pay heed to the social problems that can not just be solved by a good economy and things such as child car, college costs, health care and protection of the environment still continue to be a problem. The previous regime appeared to have a job first mentality.

The good economic conditions might well be a chance for the tackling of the problems which have been lingering for long for with these progressives have been actually claiming to have the solutions which conservatives do not accept.

Most voters though in all the surveys have approved of the current economic conditions.

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