Who is Mikhail Mishustin, Russia’s ‘second most powerful’ man after Putin?

Russia has got a new Prime Minister in the form of Mikhail Mishustin. Nobody would have thought about them till one day before.

Dimitri Medvedev, who has been the Prime Minister for a long time and called ‘Humsaya’ of the current President Vladimir Putin, has been removed from the eyes of the public, in place of a person who has been heard so far.

From what has been happening in Russia in the last 48 hours, it has become clear that Putin has started the phase of change by making major changes in the constitution of Russia.

Who is Mikhail Mishustin

What is their complete plan and what are they going to do next? Nothing can be said clearly about this now.

But by removing Medvedev from the post, he has definitely indicated that he has come out of his sight.

BBC correspondent Sarah Rainsford, who is in Russia, says that Medvedev was always considered a man of Putin’s trust. But the charges of economic problems that Russia is facing today are being put somewhere on Medvedev.

Putting a message to the nation this year, Putin also said that “he wants to focus his attention on Russia’s social welfare, rather than showing affection to America and other countries of the West”.

It is believed that this is why a new face has been brought about which the Russian government media is spreading good messages.

People are being told that Mikhail Mishustin is experienced, capable and can do a great job in dealing with problems related to the economy.

Mikhail Mishustin – ‘ordinary man’ of Russian politics

53-year-old Mikhail Mishustin’s stature in Russian politics has been extremely modest.

But on Thursday evening, when the proposal for his name reached the lower house of the Russian Parliament, not a single member voted against him.

Born in the city of Moscow, Russia in 1966, Mikhail has been an effective technocrat.

After 1998, he held many important positions in the tax departments of Russia and in 2010 he was made the head of the Central Tax Service of Russia.

He has been praised for his work in reforming Russia’s tax system.

According to his official biography, he has done PhD in Economics.

According to Russia’s official TV, Mikhail Mishustin is said to be a respected name in the business groups of the country.

Mikhail is a senior member of Russia’s ‘Ice Hockey Federation’ and has also played in Putin’s ‘Night Hockey League’.

According to Russia’s business newspaper ‘Vedomosti’, Mikhail has written songs for many famous Russian singers. He is an avid music composer.

According to Gennady Gudkov, the leader of the opposition, the new Prime Minister of Russia is “a face with no identity who has no ambition”.

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